Put it into words. 言葉にして。

Christmas Update

Merry Christmas!

There’s been a lot of thinking about Japan and writing about Japan around here lately. I guess that isn’t very surprising. I had to submit my study abroad application, hence the writing.

I’ve been trying to watch Japanese stuff without subtitles at all lately, and I’m happy that I can understand enough of it to get the gist of what’s going on, but I still feel better with subs on the bottom of the screen, because it helps me to compare translations. Actually, even more than that I prefer subs because I have historically chosen to use them, and also because for some reason I feel more confident when they are around. I know I have to get used to not having them around, but I don’t feel entirely ready to be without them yet. I’m kinda straddling the line in that regard.

It’s just, when you really want to understand the nuances of something, it’s easier to have subs…

Anyway, I am taking a break from formally studying Japanese for a while because of the school break but I will start up again soon. Actually, since I got home I’ve pretty much been sleeping… ーヮー

…yeah…I don’t have much to report at the moment. But I’m not giving up, of course :3

Oh, also, it’s kinda fun when I listen to music in Japanese the first time and I know ~half of what they’re saying with no help. Yay.


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