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The Answer

I think sometimes when you’re studying something really intensely you begin to realize, “Perhaps the question I’ve asked is answerable, but perhaps even if I find the answer it doesn’t matter that I answered it.”

Of course, from this point it’s up to you to decide what you want to search for.  Maybe the journey of searching for an answer is worth it merely for that realization.  In this context, the journey is, as they say, worth more than the answer itself.

Any analysis on its own is worthwhile for the person who did it, and maybe it’s worthwhile for the person who analyzes that analysis.  From there it could become a chain of analyses leading to new findings entirely.  Meaning is created by every person, however they find that they want to.  I guess that’s what history is for: finding someone else’s answers and looking inside to ask new questions yourself.

It makes everything seem less futile, doesn’t it?  We make waves while we’re alive, but even when we’re gone, even if our names are forgotten, there is no telling how far these waves will reach.


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