Put it into words. 言葉にして。


Well, I found out that even though I may not recognize a kanji at first glance when I haven’t seen it in three months, I’m not completely out of luck!  Anki really is a fantastic SRS program, in that it works things out so you don’t have to reset your deck if you haven’t studied it in a really really long time.  I’ve found that by looking through the kanji once, I remember the elements of it, and when I study it with the option “review failed cards soon” I actually do remember it after all this time.  I’m willing to take the time to work on this stuff over again even though I’ve had some backsliding.  Apparently the damage is not as bad as I thought. よかったよかった~

Well, I’ll keep at it!  I’m not giving up yet!  >:D


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