Put it into words. 言葉にして。


It’s been a long time since I wrote about studying Japanese last, hasn’t it?  I’ve been pretty busy with school, and so that’s taken up quite a bit of my time, but now that I am finding points where I can take breaks, I want to keep working hard learning Japanese.  I have heard that one of the pitfalls about learning foreign languages at my particular school is that students end up being pretty good at grammar but don’t necessarily have the kind of vocabulary that suits one in expressing themselves fully.  I really want to succeed at learning, so hopefully I can pull everything together and then write about it so other people can avoid the same problems.

I’m going to attempt to practice things here and there whenever I have a free moment–mind you, not every free moment, but a large portion.  I will have an opportunity after the new year to study intensely, so I intend to use that in self-study.

I guess this stuff is kind of boring for me to write about, but I wouldn’t be surprised if nobody looked at it, so that’s okay.  I just hope in the end I’ll have figured out something that works for me.


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