Put it into words. 言葉にして。

Post RTK Volume 1


I’m getting back to my reviews in Anki after about a 2 day break.  (Thank goodness I didn’t wait any longer, as I now have ~1000 reviews to do!)  I’m kind of wondering where to go from here.  Luckily I will be able to get my hands on RTK 2 in a few days.  (but it’s not soon enough~~~~~)

Although!  If I continue to use Khatzumoto’s method and start on my sentences, I will be able to use the way-too-many back issues of Shonen Sunday that I possess to harvest sentences.  (lol I’m sorry, but harvesting sentences sounds mildly sinister!) >:D

That, and then of course I can use the music I have.  I’m hoping that one of my friends will be able to get her hands on a certain manga for me.  Oh, if only the shipping at Amazon Japan wasn’t so expensive :<  I’m not really into messing with proxy services at the moment.

But I’ve digressed a bit.  I am wondering if RTK 3 would be useful or not.  I mean, outside of the 常用 and 人名用 kanji, what should I do?  I do absolutely want to be able to read like a proficient adult in Japanese.  There aren’t that many reviews of RTK 3 at amazon, so I’m not sure.


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