Put it into words. 言葉にして。

RTK Day 16

Hello.  I am still working hard!  I have been spending time typing stories into my cards, and it’s going slow but I’m still not giving up.  I got a comment on another network from a friend and mentor of mine in Japanese today, and it really spurred me forward.  Just thinking of this as a journey that can be completed in delicious bite sized pieces makes me feel a lot better.  And after yesterday when I was finding out that my comprehension has improved, I absolutely can’t quit.

Let me tell you what my favorite phrase is: 一所懸命.  Issho kenmei.  Part of the definition from Denshi Jisho states that it means: very hard; with utmost effort; with all one’s might; desperately; frantically; for dear life; all-out effort

Desperately, frantically, for dear life.  I’m going to go at this full force for sure!

So, of course, after this I would recommend that everyone beginning RTK put their stories in their cards as they learn them.  Even if you don’t use the stories, I believe the idea that repeating something will cement it for you, so why not?  It would have been a smaller task had I done it every day.

Well, I’ll keep trying!


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