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RTK Day 11.99

Okay.  So I reviewed over 600 cards today…it’s actually closer to 700 if you round but anyway…I think that’s enough for now.  It turns out Anki is super easy to use.  Like, stupid easy.  I had been trying to find “Leech” cards the other day but it didn’t work.  Turns out you can sort cards by how many repetitions of studying them and pressing “again” you’ve done.  So that helped.  Also, in the very front when you’re looking at your deck, you can put “show new cards before reviews” under the “More” tab for the deck you’ve opened.  Wish I would have known that before, because I would be reviewing much faster.  However, I can do that now, so for these last few days things won’t be so bad.  I should be in bed by now, but I’ve been studying (reviewing) for like 3 hours.  Do your homework about the programs you use, kids, so you won’t end up like me.

Well, I think it’s reasonable for me to say I’m off to bed.  I gotta work extra hard in the next few days.  But I haven’t given up!


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