Put it into words. 言葉にして。

RTK Day 9

The conversation with my dad this morning about what kind of lenses I prefer in my glasses:

Dad: “You like the glass ones, right?  I do.”

Me: “Yeah, yeah, glass よりplasticの方が好き。

(This is in reference to the eye appointment I am waking up way too early for.  Don’t rouse (起)

me too early or I will attack you like a snake (蛇)…!  But no; it’s too early for that, and I’m too gentle (妥) for that.  ;P

Keep in mind I woke up this morning after studying kanji at night and then read correspondence in Japanese and furthermore correspondence from another friend studying Japanese.

How’s that for “all Japanese all the time”?  I get it now :3

I will, invariably (必), be back later.


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