Put it into words. 言葉にして。

RTK Day 7.999

“Congratulations.  You have finished for today!”

It was really hard to get to that point in Anki, and you wouldn’t believe how happy I was to do it!  This was the hardest day so far in terms of reviews.  It took way longer than I thought, and I had to put on my gaman (grin-and-bear-it-face) a little bit.  But I think it was worth it if it means my retention improves.  I went to Reviewing the Kanji and checked out the boards a little bit because a few days ago I saw a topic regarding people who do 100+ kanji/day.  Unfortunately it turned out to mostly be trolling (admittedly, it was funny, but not what I was looking for) but there were a few good posts in there, one of which addressed my specific issue with “ZOMG this review is LOOOOOONG”.  So that was when I decided to finish up.

My goal for the new day is two more lessons.  I have no idea what’s up with my weird sleeping schedule, but I’ll find a way to persevere.


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