Put it into words. 言葉にして。

RTK Day 7

Okay, first thing:

HAHAHA I made it through lesson 23~~~

and truly, it was not that bad.  I actually didn’t take too many breaks from it, except for a little break for Cream of Wheat and another for sparkling water.  I didn’t get very fidgety at all, probably because I’m used to being able to focus (省)for longish periods on the same subject.  It makes me feel better about going back to college, knowing that I can buckle down and study for the length of time I’ll need to.  Oh, random tip: love your RTK book.  You paid for it, darnit, so write in it anything that will help.  At present I have a notebook for my recommended pencil and paper, and then I like to underline things that are important as they arise in my actual copy of RTK.  Oh, in general I would recommend having your own copy of RTK so that you can continually refer back to it.  Beginning with this lesson I wrote little notes to myself of all the stories of the kanji that I made up so that I could refer back to them.

I haven’t actually begun reviewing for the day yet, but I will do so after I feel sufficiently rejuvenated.  It shouldn’t take long for me to reach that point because I was really excited for the challenge of the lesson.

It just feels so awesome having that lesson done!  It really makes me want to continue studying.  ^-^v



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