Put it into words. 言葉にして。

RTK Day 4

Lol, finally got a comment on this blog.  Too bad it was spam, but I am mostly keeping the fact that I have this to myself.  I don’t mind if nobody reads it for now. When I am done with RTK I might be more public about it.

RTK is working well, but it wouldn’t be all it is without Anki.  Anki is helping sooooo much!

So as for today I’m around halfway through my daily quota, but I am taking a break for lunch.

Did you know that the radical 口 is “om nom nom”? XD  It is for me; it seriously works for me to have that association in my head.  🙂  I love how flexible Heisig’s system is.

Well, I’m off.  Just wanted to post that I am keeping up with the kanji even though I still have time for other things.  I’m not done yet, so I’ll do my best! (^_^)v


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