Put it into words. 言葉にして。

ヲ乙女って・・・? (What’s “Wo”tome…?)

I wouldn’t consider myself an otaku (err, more like beginner-level 日本通) but I have kept up with terminology enough to know that the way otaku in Japan spell the moniker now is with katakana “wo” instead of “o” in order to separate themselves from the negative stigma attached to the spelling generally in use by those outside of the subculture.  I’ve been a pretty faithful reader of Peter Payne’s blog on Jbox.com (the under 18 and my preferred version of Jlist) for years, and so yesterday when I saw this update about a guide coming out with the subject of “wo”tome, or “maidens” with the “wo” added to show their connection to otaku subculture I was intrigued.  If I have a chance I’d like to see more inside the book, though it’s not really on my list of things to buy so I may not have a chance for a long while.  I am wondering how a ヲ乙女 decorates her room–I’ve seen enough male otaku rooms to make my eyes bleed.   Mostly filled with moe figurines, bedsheets, dakimakura, posters, the latest gaming consoles.  I wonder if ヲ乙女 tend to do similar things with posters.  And if they tend to be fans of the male-on-male pairings that have characterized female otaku [in my American experience to some degree, and furthermore in the idea of places like Otome Road] for a while now.  Although there is the term 腐女子 for girls who like male-on-male pairings, I wonder what it is that separates the groups of ヲ乙女 and 腐女子, exactly.  (That’d be fun to research for academic purposes!  My guess is that 腐女子 girls/women are a subset of ヲ乙女, though usually things aren’t that easy to define.  Hmmm…)

Haha, I wonder what my room looks like to other people.  It’s rather obvious that I like Japan if you look inside, but I’m not really otaku.  Although perhaps I could do with a few design changes.  And as I fall into the winding spiral of digression, I would like to tell you that I have my happy solar-powered plant now.  It’s very cute indeed and is modeled after TakaraTOMY’s “Flip Flap” plants that I guess were available in Japan about 7 years ago.  Alas, I was too young then to really be able to get my hands on anything like that, and I didn’t know that it existed until now, but now that I’m old enough I can actually get cool stuff when it comes out…!  *crafty laughter*  That is, of course, barring the possibility that I forget to get the internet update about the re-release of that Persona 4 Junes food court mug and then fail doubly hard at getting it.  Ah, the vicissitudes of my life…  😛  (I am joking, mind you.  I’m not really so shallow as to find that to be a huge problem.)

Well, that’s about it for me.  Later!


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