Put it into words. 言葉にして。


I am a dork.  A language dork, and I love it.  Currently I’m interested in localization processes for video games.  In terms of personal interest I can even pare it down further to the localization of Japanese video games for the English speaking markets (primarily North American, since that is the English-language experience I possess.)  Soooooo, on that note, I found a little blurb about how the localization process works according to Atlus, my favorite video game publisher.  Link here.  Right now, it would appear that Atlus is on step 4 with an unmentioned game, as checking the careers portion of their site showed that they are looking for testers in Orange County, CA.  If only I could take that job…what an experience!  And to get paid for that…!

Oh, I decided what my new crochet project is going to be yesterday.  I chose the “Bohemian Style Tunic” from “Crochet with Natural Wool” in Japanese (if you wanna see which book, the Amazon Japan listing is here.  By the way, I got my copy from Kinokuniya.)  I will be changing the color scheme to cream wool with chocolate brown accents.  Hehe~ I’m fired up about that. 🙂



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