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Hello hello.  I got my laptop back, and while it was nice to have the disconnect from using stumbleupon for hours for a little while, I am glad to have it back to see what my friends have been up to this summer.  Of course I still love stumbleupon, but while I was away I made a list of books to read and things to do and it was very good for me.  I realized while I was making the list that I’ve sorta been reading probably six books at once.  Ha.  I guess I kind of forget that I have those kinds of things to do when my mind is elsewhere.

I’ve been kind of unsure where exactly to post links to stuff I find interesting.  Should I do it based on category, or what…?  I have a few places that I could post it, not just here, so it’s kind of difficult to make a decision about.

By the way, I really should not be up by now.  But since I am not working at the moment, it isn’t an issue if I oversleep, really…  I’ve had the worst schedule ever since the summer started, and it’s gotten worse in the past few weeks.

I made a pie today.  Strawberry pie.  I seem to have lost the two(!) versions of the recipe that I wrote down, but luckily since I got it from my grandma there was another copy of it in the house.  Cooking is fun, but I realized today that it’s way more fun when you can eat what you are making.  Initially I was merely making one pie as a gift, but it seemed kind of a bummer that I wouldn’t likely get to eat any of it…so I made two and it turns out the large quantity of strawberries I bought was more than enough.

Unfortunately, it would seem that sleep is trying to overtake me after all.  So I guess this is goodbye for now.


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